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TOPIC: "Is this the right time for Carteret to host a Food Hub or an Incubator Kitchen or a Food-Centered Activity Center?" Interested? We thought you would be! Let's start a discussion! Even before COVID-19, there's been some talk around the county about a Food Hub (aggregation point for farmers to combine their produce into CSA deliveries, Vacation Vittles or sales to restaurants), and then other talk about an Incubator Kitchen (rentable kitchen for caterers, commissary for food trucks, value-added production, seafood processing, etc). There's also talk about helping our local farmers distribute their products more widely and efficiently, as well as storing emergency rations and supplies for the inevitable disasters (hurricanes at least), as well as pandemics too. 

Our question - why not combine all these ideas into one large Hub? Food and its impact in our county is the real issue, and it's a big one! We have some great Carteret farmers, no doubt, and more are starting each year; but Carteret citizens deserve good food year round, not just when vacationers are likely to visit, so this Hub may be a collaboration with Onslow or Craven or Pamlico counties too. This a job that will take some real time and effort to make happen -  Who will benefit? Who will manage? Who will own? Design a mission?

We need your input.  Let's get started! Check out these links for examples in NC: https://www.feastdowneast.org/produce-distribution.html http://www.morganfoodhall.com/ https://www.highcountryfoodhub.org/ https://blueridgefoodventures.org/ https://www.carolinacommercialkitchen.net/ https://www.pfapnc.org/   (Piedmont Food and Processing Center)

My list of movers and shakers in Carteret County, who's missing? Betsy DeCampo, Business and Industry Coordinator, Carteret Community College Michele Querry, Economic Development Council, assistant administrator Don Kirkman, Economic Development Council, administrator Wanda Bennett, Business Management Consultant, Work on Wonderful Brenda Reash, Carteret Community College Foundation director Tracy Mancini, new President of Carteret Community College! Lockwood Phillips, CNT editor Ben Ball, CCEMC director Jake Joplin, CCEMC director Alyce Kelley, sales manager Beaufort Hotel Kevin Davis, chef Floyd and Shana Olmstead, chef James Clarkson, chef Charles and Wendy Park, chef Libby Eaton/ Tim Coyne, chef Anthony Garnett, chef Alex Russell, chef Sherri Garner, farmer Bert Hadden, farmer Rachael Shenk, farmer Joe Merrell, farmer Denise Greer, chef Amy Scott, chef Clark Merrell, chef Eddie and Alison Willis, fishermen Mark Hooper, fisherman Robbie Phillips, Carteret Long Term Recovery Alliance Christine Garnett, Beaufort Wine and Food Erin Fitzpatrick, Broad Street Clinic Carol Lohr, citizen with great connections Molly Fullwood, Environmental Health Dept Tamara Jones, Carteret Health Dept Alecia Gurkin, Carteret Health Dept  Diana Craft, Jones County Health Janet Eakes, Lookout Grocery Barbara Chappetta, CLFN Advisory Council Susan Schmidt, CLFN Advisory Council Fran Pigott-Harding, CLFN Advisory Council Martha Massaad, CLFN Advisory Council Caroline Dominguez, CLFN Farm and Food Director Stacy Macklin, CLFN Business Director Trish Slape, CLFN treasurer PHEW! GOOD LIST! Can you think of someone else who has big ideas? LAST NOTES -  1. please check out our website - www.CarteretLocalFoodNetwork.org 2. please check out this free phone app - 'Visit NC Farms' (all our farmers are there!) 3. order a CSA box here https://www.carteretlocalfoodnetwork.org/shop 4. wash your hands! From Catherine Elkins, Carteret Local Food Network Founder, Board Chair

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